Vulnerability Response

Safeguarding against security issues is a top priority for us and we welcome anyone with a security background to report potential security vulnerabilities to us to improve the security of our products and services.

Vulnerability Response and Disclosure Process

1. Receive

Monitor and promptly assign received vulnerabilities

2. Verify

Verify the vulnerability and confirm the exploitability and impact

3. Develop Solution

Provide effective solutions or risk remediation measures

4. Confirm Scope

Investigate and confirm the scope of affected products

5. Release Security Advisory

Review and publish the security advisory (SA) for the vulnerability

Report Vulnerabilities

Please report any security vulnerabilities via email to:

The email should include at least the following information, ideally as an attachment in this format:

  • Your organization and contact information

  • Products and versions affected

  • Description of potential vulnerability

  • Information about known exploits

  • Disclosure plans

Important Note

Although we encourage the investigation of potential security breaches, we cannot tolerate any activity that may interfere with legitimate users or violate applicable computer abuse, cyber security and data protection regulations. Therefore, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Modification or destruction of data

  • Service disruption or degradation, such as DoS

  • Disclosure of personal, proprietary or financial information

Response Time

We'll respond within 48 hours to any vulnerabilities you submit.

(Actual vulnerability response time may vary depending on the risk level and complexity of the vulnerability)

Vulnerability Disclosure Instructions

When an external party discovers or is concerned about a potential vulnerability, but we have not yet fully confirmed it, we will disclose basic information about the vulnerability and our investigation via email.

The vulnerability information shall be kept confidential until GENBOLT releases the formal security advisory to the public.

When the vulnerability has been confirmed to be fixed, new firmware will be released, and a firmware update change log will be published, containing a description of the vulnerabilities that have been solved. *GENBOLT Download Center.

Product Support Policy

We strive to provide continuous security updates for our products. The security updates generally include the latest patches, vulnerability fixes, and other security improvements. We will generally maintain security updates for at least two years from the launch date of a product. However, the security update situation may vary by product, so please pay attention to our announcements. We will regularly publish and update information about the security of GENBOLT products on this page to help you check your device’s security updates. 

Product TypeModel NumberRelease Date
WIFI CameraGB-213K06/09/2023
WIFI CameraGB-106H08/23/2023
WIFI CameraGB-103X11/27/2023

Note: Security update policies and products are subject to change and will be reviewed on a regular basis.