***Important Tips Before Setting Up:

① Make sure NO special symbol like @#¥% in your router password. 

② If Reset the camera , the camera password will be default is admin.   

③ Keep router is WPA or WPA2 mode.Connect mobile to 2.4G WIFI(VERY IMPORTANT: as some router can send both 2.4G & 5G signal) 

④ Keep your device and camera are in the SAME 2.4G WIFI signal. 

⑤ Put the GENBOLT CAM/GENBOLT PRO app into white-list of your anti-virus software when can not install the app.; 

⑥ Enter your router IP & keep DHCP / UDP on(already on usually). 

⑦ Please format the SD card into 32FAT in computer before use it . 

⑧ Camera system will delete the recordings when the sd card full storage.       

Normally 16G card in 720p camera can record 3-4 days

GENBOLT CAM APP( Model: GB-102, GB-100, GB-600, GB-201, GB-202, GB-203, GB-209) 

STEP 1: Connect Camera to Router via LAN Cable ;

STEP 2: Connect Mobile to the same Router WiFi (2.4GHz) ;

STEP 3: Click icon "Search Camera From LAN" & "Done"(TopRight Corner) in GENBOLT CAM APP;

STEP 4: Click "WiFi Seting" of Camera,Login Same 2.4GHz WiFi Account & WiFi Passwords;

STEP 5: Take off LAN cable,Camera will OFFLINE few seconds & ONLINE Automaticlly in 30 Seconds.Youtube

GENBOLT PRO APP( Model: GB-205H, GB-208H, GB-215X) 

STEP 1: Connect NVR to Router via LAN Cable ;

STEP 2: Power On the Camera & NVR ;

STEP 3: Right-Click Mouse on Screen,Click "Video Manage" & "Refresh" ;

STEP 4: Click "Match Code" & "Yes" for Wireless Work on Monitor ;

Congrets! Now You Are Ready To View Online Video.

STEP 5: Check "Cloud ID" on Monitor,login Cloud ID at "Add Device by ID" of "GENBOLT PRO" APP ;

STEP 6: Login Default User Name "admin" and No Passwords (leave blank);

STEP 7: Click "Submit" and Channel Number to Connect Cameras;

Now You Are Ready To View On Mobile.Congrats!